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Professional Fabricating, Inc. utilizes a team approach to continually improve the quality policies, procedures, techniques, and process interactions necessary to meet or exceed our customer expectations and our quality objectives.

We do this by continually improving the performance of man and machine, by improving quality, and by increasing output while simultaneously promoting pride of workmanship.

Professional Fabricating, Inc. focuses to offer practical solutions to our customers by deliverying quality products and services, 100% on time, at competitive prices.

Professional Fabricating, Inc. does this by continually developing, maintaining, or improving the attributes of world-class business positioned in the metal fabrication business.


We competitively provide those quality products, services, or solutions to our customers in a manner that will generate reasonable rewards and profits to all shareholders. This policy is made available to the public and summarized as follows:

Exceeding customer expectations by providing

Quality, short lead-time and competitevly priced products by

Understanding and meeting our customer needs and

Involving employees by participation and recognition

Together we will be come a leader in sheet metal fabrication

You are Professional Fabricating, Inc.

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